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About Us

Legal First people have developed and deployed many practice software solutions over the past thirty years. This applies to the small and largest of installations.

We have, collectively, over 150 years combined experience supplying and implementing solutions for law firms.

In addition, our technologists have the skills necessary covering the Microsoft suite of software together with in depth knowledge of the current Hosting and Cloud options available that complement our software.

As a team, we are able to assist and advise our clients with all deliverables where any new infrastructure environment or decommissioning is needed. We co-exist with the firms’ incumbent suppliers to address all legacy technology issues and integrations that form part of the composition of any new solution.

Our trainers are experienced in all current practice management software deployed in law firms and easily relate the old functionality of legacy systems to compare with the new functions applicable in Legal First.

We use recognised project methodologies with our new implementation roll outs.

The Legal First team offers a mature voice in the Australian and New Zealand legal market-places.

Science Graduate. Has been working in the legal practice management sector for over 30 years. Our go to man with experience writing all kinds of code and integrating with other products from document management like iManage to legal searches. Document Production in the browser would have been impossible without him.

In the legal practice management software business for almost 30 years. He has been involved in major projects at medium to large sized law firms throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore – Sparke Helmore, Kensington Swan, Crown Law NSW and Queensland, Rajah and Tann, Barry Nilsson and more recently Snedden Hall & Gallop and Marque Lawyers. An experienced manager and implementer of change.

A lover of playing and watching sport. Played rugby, cricket, tennis and squash at provincial level. Still likes to swing a racquet – prefers cats to dogs.

Has been involved in the legal practice management business for over 40 years. Has joined Legal First in 2020 to help us with direction and marketing the product. He has many years experience bringing solutions to law firms and will be an asset to us as we gather interest and grow.

Ian loves horses.

Has worked at several medium and  large law firms over the years as a practice manager and advisor. He has expert knowledge in the processes and procedures required for running a successful law firm. He helped us recently solve our issues with payroll by finding and helping us integrate with Keypay. Allen has put us right at many crossroads along the long road towards having an exceptional product.

Allen is a sailor and an avid builder of boats. He also loves dogs.

Report writer and proof reader. She tells us off when we developers speak in tongues or just get carried away with CAPITALISATION. Tania does a lot of the administration work for us and keeps us all in line.

Tania loves cricket. She is prone to disappearing for 5 days from time to time.

Our go to man for building servers and cloud hosting services online. Emails and web sites too. Gary’s expert knowledge of hardware, software, networks & cloud requirements helps us deliver cost effective and reliable solutions for our clients.

Gary loves music and is a musician.