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Law firm – Technology Strategies

By September 2, 2022lfpms

Australian law firms of any size tend to still have On Premise legal Practice Matter Management solutions. This may involve the firm’s own Server(s) being located in an off premise data centre as a preference to being on site. The desktop solution is mostly a standard but very expensive PC deployment when the device is fully loaded and supported.

The qualifier to this statement being that if the firm has a single line of business focus such as conveyancing, then a quick move to CLOUD may have been an easy decision up front. This may have allowed the facilitation of a browser front end for the application given the document system could have been written for that environment. Separately the sophistication of the accounting system is then of little consequence.

Larger firms have many applications often as separate islands of information.
A number of these applications are still Client / Server in nature but remain key applications within the user population.

Most mid-tier firms today have migrated some applications to the CLOUD.
The obvious one is email although many expand now to those providers who have rewritten their applications for browser usage and the Cloud.

We have provided separately on our web site the definitions of CLOUD usage and therefore the possibly and methods of those deployments.

Whilst at Legal First we do not enter into the argument of ON premise versus Cloud and browser only deployments, or which is better than the other, we do believe strongly in giving clients what they want and can absorb. This relates to finances, the state of technology already deployed, and mindset of partners to security.

Invariably decision making is mid-tier firms can be divisive on matters of security and privacy. Agitation and activism can occur from young lawyers interested only in the latest gizmos as they see the Internet and Cloud with apps and appliances being the only way to get the competitive edge.

Often at point is the legacy financial software at the back end being a halter.
Ultimately the financial matter management systems need to deal with accurate time recording, client billings, collections and reporting. These are significant applications in the bigger firms.

The firm may have built up many years of bespoke development with products styled as Practice Management software that was developed 25 years ago.
Many have had minimal development by suppliers who are not committed long term to the market-place. Other vendors are trying to sell their client base.

Given a lack of malleability with the software, and in fairness the development tools of the day, the firm has traditionally had to have deep pockets and go through agonising experiences with under resourced suppliers to get bespoke development done in a timely manner.

Many mid-tier firms are presently (and sometimes unknowingly) in a holding pattern whilst their supplier determines the high barrier to entry and capital commitments of the development of a CLOUD Based Practice and Productivity system.

Legal First has navigated the issues above with a modern development environment that enables bespoke development on the fly in hours not days or weeks.

At Legal First we examine the needs of each firm determining in each situation the viability of existing systems and the desirability of the firm to retain those applications.

Additionally, we examine the integrations and connectivity issues that the firm would be advantaged by, and a methodology to get away from unconnected islands of data

As your business partner of choice we examine the technology architecture in place and recommend the right course of action for the firm. Ultimately, we want to drive down technology costs and provide a ubiquitous experience and environment across the board for all issues of a technical nature.