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Legal First – Bean Counter Auditing Program for Law Firms

By September 2, 2022lfpms

As a software provider and Business Partner to law firms we often get called upon to examine existing client technology set ups.
A cost justification element for moving from existing software platforms can be the cost of legacy hardware and infrastructure and overall performance of networks supporting that software. Incompatibilities of the applications with new Microsoft versions is another classic reason for a move.

These technology matters can be key factors in the assessment processes of software platforms as well as serving the firm’s auditing needs. Cost right sizing is the ‘theme of the month’ currently.

A lack of flexibility in using devices (appliances) and where a need for a full PCs only per desktop can inflate costings covering large replacements in major deployments.

The premise for our thinking of developing an auditing program was driven recently by a client who said they had no knowledge of even where their passwords were kept. Separately they were becoming increasingly concerned about the dependence on the current technology single source provider. Questions were being asked as to whether one or two people they had relied on for years as the I.T. business partner could give the firm the right advice in this emerging ubiquitous technology driven world where ‘less in better’.

Is their vendor consulting advice current? ‘Are they up to date in their knowledge?
We have no benchmark’ were the words of one of our current clients. Were they protecting their own revenue streams by adopting a no action policy?
As we all know the world is made up of technology providers that are home grown small businesses and often with personality players, honest brokers that have grown-up with the firm. Their advice to a problem or component breakdown is often another product patch or screw-driver fix to what could be a need for a solutions based response.

Legal First – technical services
As we offer essentially browser only solutions for our software, we therefore provide a thin or reduced technology footprint and requirements. The modern legal users have no interest in technology back ends other than they want to know where to plug and play their device.

In summary, potentially there are savings with the firms’ current platforms and infrastructure costs. This may apply to hardware appliances as well as costly Microsoft Server software licencing models that don’t apply necessarily with modern open source software deployments.

What we do under this program
We ask the questions as to whether there are less costly and better optional products and services for the firm.

In a short low cost assessment, we examine all existing technology costs and offer our recommendations where savings can be effected across the firm.

Legal First people are familiar with vendor contracts and their terms and conditions and as they apply to the Legal market.

Vendor Models
In the modern era I.T. costs consist of a plethora of often non-proprietary hardware, software and services making up the total complement for firms or companies.

Small to medium sized law firms are often confused as to what they should be paying for I.T. services and SAAS subscription models.

Separately, the contract terms of every acquisition are not always read or fully understood. This even for people with the legal mind and attention to detail.
It is a fact that law firms’ personnel in charge often don’t know what questions to ask of vendors. Technology is not their specialty area. One needs to be a committed professional legal service company to be familiar in these matters given some vendors invent their own new terminology.

Enter legal First
Most suppliers of software tend to like a monthly payment subscription model.
It gives them certainty of cash flow to provide a higher level of business continuity and services. These arrangements can be a little one sided, heavily weighted in favour of the various vendors and sometimes with contractual terms that are difficult to extract from in a timely manner.

Legal First Experience

Over many years Legal First resources have deployed more systems to small-medium law firm that any other vendor. Speak with us about the opportunity to save the firm money through reducing technology costs today and deal with the burgeoning demand of security and data integrity.

Speak with us –Ian Bollen Legal First 0432400290